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A Corporation that values the customer the most. A Corporation where real world entities and ideas are put together into enterprise solutions.


The mission of Electronic Health Information Systems is to provide complete solutions. Our organization will work with your organization from conception, through business analysis, project scoping, design, and testing, and be there for final implementation. We will work within your budget and seek truly creative solutions, because we believe each project is unique, and our experience and creativity is our competitive advantage. To the fullest extent possible we try to make our solutions self supporting, because no business wants to be financially tied to a contractor for enhancements and upgrades.


Each business is unique, and the executive management of that business is responsible for setting their strategic direction. The buy-in of management is critical to any project. As we work through this project with you we will be forming user groups to work with, providing options for you to evaluate, and seeking decisions on your path forward. We will need your expertise in defining what is the “normal” operating state of your business, and what you desire to change or improve. Management is responsible for providing access to those folks who can provide that expertise, and supporting any decisions they have authorized them to make.

The mission of Electronic Health Information Systems is to provide the most comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients.
Electronic Medical Record/EHR/PHR
Data Migration and Analysis

Infrastructure Setup
HIV System of Care
RW CAREWare Implementation & Support
EMR and RW CAREWare Interface

IT Consulting
Project Management
.Net Developers
Business Analysts

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